Based on the product image proposed by the customer, we at TANAC design, develop, and manufacture the most suitable material and processing method for the product based on our solid knowledge and wisdom of materials, and deliver the product with excitement.

I. Material selection Selection of materials

We quickly propose which materials should be used and how they should be blended and processed in order to realize the customer's product image.


II. Selection of processing method

We adopt the most suitable method from various molding methods such as injection molding, extrusion molding, LIM molding, and press molding. We are good at molding flexible materials with extreme softness.


III. Prototyping

We have installed the necessary equipment for prototyping and can quickly provide prototypes that customers can see and touch. We provide consistent services from design and prototyping to mass production.


IV. Evaluation and analysis

To evaluate and analyze physical properties such as hardness, elasticity, viscosity, tensile strength, compression, etc., as well as chemical components, we have introduced various measuring instruments such as Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer, microscope, image dimension measuring device, and viscoelasticity measuring device.


Ⅴ. Mass production

We mass-produce mainly ultra-flexible gel materials using specialized molding machines. In addition, we implement quality control to meet customer needs by using different equipment and materials, and we conduct "manufacturing" in a clean environment.