ISO 9001

Management Philosophy

anac Corporation values "Inspiration".

1. Put the customer first with accurate responses and a focus on speed.
2. Aim to develop "Only One" products to improve our competitiveness.
3. We fulfill our social responsibilities and comply with laws and regulations.
4. We all nurture creativity and grow together.

Quality Policy

TANAC Corporation places importance on four policies.

1. We create value that exceeds the expectations of our customers and devote ourselves to manufacturing products that will impress them.
2. We challenge speed from prototyping to mass production, and promote the creation of an environment that appeals to customer satisfaction.
3. We take on the challenge of developing new businesses and expanding opportunities for women to play an active role in the company, and constantly strive for business growth and continuous system improvement.
4. We aim to be a top-notch company, placing importance on transparency within and outside the company.