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We have extensive knowledge of materials such as silicone, thermoplastic elastomer, and urethane, as well as advanced compounding and processing technologies. By pursuing even greater speed and quality, we aim to become a top niche manufacturer of ultra-flexible gel materials.

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Company name TANAC Co., Ltd.

Representative Representative Director Kazunari Tanahashi

Establishment November 1, 1996

Capital 30 million yen

Head office
4-24, Motomachi, Gifu-shi, Gifu

2-25, Techno Plaza, Kakamigahara-shi, Gifu

Main business
Processing and sales of Crystal GelR, Toughsilon GelR, and Medipur GelR and their processed products.
Processing of silicone and sales of processed silicone products.
Sales of silicone products in Japan.

and Grants
FY2021 Gifu Regional Revitalization Fund Project Subsidy
FY2020 Subsidy for the introduction of healthcare industry-related equipment in Gifu
FY 2019 (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) "Problem-solving welfare equipment practical use development support project
FY 2019 Gifu Industry Promotion Center, Subsidy for supporting the strengthening of competitiveness of the aerospace and medical welfare equipment industries
FY 2018 supplementary subsidy for promoting productivity improvement in manufacturing, commerce, and services
FY 2008 Aerospace and Medical Welfare Machine Industry Competitiveness Enhancement Support Project Subsidy
FY 2015 subsidy for IT manufacturing promotion support project
FY 2014 supplementary subsidy for manufacturing, commerce and service innovation
FY 2013 Support for Strategic Core Technology Advancement (Support-in)
FY 2012 supplementary subsidy for supporting prototype development, etc. by small and medium-sized manufacturing companies
FY 2012 project for promotion of commercialization of advanced medical devices
FY 2012 Subsidy for joint research between industry, university and government

Tohoku University
Akita University
Fukushima Medical University
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
University of Tsukuba
University of Electro-Communications
Keio University
Jikei University
Yokohama National University
Nagoya University
Nagoya City University
Gifu University
Kindai University
Kyoto Institute of Technology
Yamaguchi University
University of the Ryukyus

and designs
・Utility model:1件
・Trade mark:12件

Main Banks MUFG Bank, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Juroku Bank, Gifu Shinkin Bank

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