About Us

Company name TANAC Co., Ltd.

Representative Representative Director  Kazunari Tanahashi

Establishment November 1, 1996

Capital 30 million yen

Head office location 4-24 Motomachi, Gifu city, Gifu prefecture
TEL: +81-58-263-6381  FAX: +81-58-263-6382

Technology Center 2-25, Techno Plaza, Kakamigahara city, Gifu prefecture

Main business
  • Processing and sales of Crystal Gel®, Toughsilon Gel®, and Medipur Gel® and their processed products.
  • Processing of silicone and sales of processed silicone products.
  • Sales of silicone products in Japan.

Equipments [Special equipments]
  • Crystal Gel® Single purpose equipments: 13
  • Toughsilon Gel® Single purpose equipments: 7
  • Medipur Gel® Single purpose equipments: 7

[Quality management equipments]
  • Keyence One-shot 3D measuring macroscope VR-3000 series
  • Keyence Digital microscope VHX-2000

[Research evaluation equipments]
Shimazu Manufacturing Co. Autograph AGS-X series

Commissioned Research
and Grants
  • FY 2018 supplementary subsidy for promoting productivity improvement in manufacturing, commerce, and services
  • FY 2019 (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) "Problem-solving welfare equipment practical use development support project
  • FY 2019 Gifu Industry Promotion Center, Subsidy for supporting the strengthening of competitiveness of the aerospace and medical welfare equipment industries
  • FY 2008 Aerospace and Medical Welfare Machine Industry Competitiveness Enhancement Support Project Subsidy
  • FY 2015 subsidy for IT manufacturing promotion support project
  • FY 2014 supplementary subsidy for manufacturing, commerce and service innovation
  • FY 2013 Support for Strategic Core Technology Advancement (Support-in)
  • FY 2012 supplementary subsidy for supporting prototype development, etc. by small and medium-sized manufacturing companies
  • FY 2012 project for promotion of commercialization of advanced medical devices
  • FY 2012 Subsidy for joint research between industry, university and government

Patents, utility models,
trademarks and designs
  • Patents: 20
  • Utility model: 1
  • Trade mark: 11
  • Design: 2

Main Banks MUFG Bank, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Juroku Bank, Gifu Shinkin Bank