Crystal Gel®

Crystal gel is a uniquely developed material with transparency and high elongation of over 1,000%.

  • Heat resistant (80°C) and cold resistant (-30°C).
  • Thermoplastic and can be processed into various shapes.
  • It has high shock absorption, strength and elongation.
  • Excellent water absorption resistance.
  • Hardness is adjustable in the range of JIS E 0° to 50°.
  • Non-adhesive and high-adhesive series are available.
  • Coloring can be done freely.
  • 30% lighter weight and less odor than cross-linked rubber.
  • Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, and chemical resistance (acids and alkalis).
  • It conforms to the following standards depending on the part number.
    * Food Sanitation Law Packaging Container Standards (Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 370)
    * Primary skin irritation test
    * Acute toxicity test standard
  • We can handle everything from prototype development to mass production using special equipment designed in-house.

High elongation of more than 1,000%
None Tackiness Cryatal Gel High Tackiness Cryatal Gel