Medical Device Parts

The dedicated medical plant (TANAC Technology Center) is equipped with state-of-the-art mass production and evaluation facilities, as well as a clean room (Class 10,000).


Silicone Parts

We perform contract processing of medical device parts at our own medical dedicated factory (TANAC Technology Center), which is registered as a medical device manufacturing company and ISO 13485 certified. We have introduced the most advanced mass production and evaluation equipment, and can mold medical grade silicone in a clean room (Class 10,000). We can handle everything from prototyping to mass production.

Crystal Gel®

A uniquely formulated material with transparency and high elongation of over 1,000%. Highly safe material that has undergone biocompatibility testing (biological safety evaluation). Excellent water absorption resistance, shock absorption, strength, and elongation. Can be processed into various three-dimensional shapes such as sheets and tubes.It conforms to the following standards.

・Food Sanitation Law packaging container standards

・Primary skin irritation test

・Acute toxicity test standard

Crystal Gel

Spiral Tube

Spiral Tube

The shape after extrusion is helical, and can be formed into either rods or tubes. In the case of tubes, the helix can be selected from inner only, outer only, or both inner and outer. The shape of the helix can be set as desired. It does not interfere with the flow of water and shows strong behavior against bending.

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