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Diet support gel
Application : Diet support gel
Features : A diet product that aims to improve and tighten the muscles of the feet by grabbing them with the toes. Transparent material. The design is enhanced by coloring.
Gel insole with magnet
Application : Gel insole with magnet
Features : One-sided sticky / one-sided non-sticky
Foot care
Application : Foot care
Features : Supports muscle weakness in the sole of the foot and products for arch care concerns.
Support gel for preventing ingrown toenails.
Application : Support gel for preventing ingrown toenails.
Features : A product that utilizes the flexibility and high extensibility of gel. The gel is inserted into the space between the toenails of the toes.
Knee supporter, calf supporter
Application : Knee supporter, calf supporter
Features : Fabric + flexible gel material insert processing.
Gel supporter for hallux valgus
Application : Gel supporter for hallux valgus
Features : Crawl on the side of your thumb to relieve the pain.
Application : Mouthpiece
Features : A material safe for the human body to put in the mouth is used.
Foot care products
Application : Foot care products
Features : It is effective for foot problems such as hallux valgus and blisters.
Material : Crystal Gel
Eyeglass and mask related products
Application : Eyeglass and mask related products
Features : Low-hardness gel reduces discomfort when wearing glasses or masks.
Pain buffer gel for masks
Application : Pain buffer gel for masks
Features : A product that relieves pain with the flexibility and shock absorption of crystal gel.
Materials : Crystal Gel
Small Face Mask
Application : Small Face Mask
Features : Designed to be stretchable and safe for the skin.
Materials : Toughsilon
Inverted nipple suction gel
Application : Inverted nipple suction gel
Features : High stickiness Crystal Gel molded product. It is shaped like a suction cup and has a special ceramic insert at the tip.
Materials : Crystal Gel
Ankle Supporter
Application : Ankle Supporter
Features : For ankle fixation. This product utilizes the extensibility of Crystal Gel.
Materials : Crystal Gel
Tendonitis Supporter
Application : Tendonitis Supporter
Features : A product that enables water work by using Crystal Gel instead of cloth.
Materials : Crystal Gel