Our ultra-flexible gel materials have excellent elasticity, heat resistance, and shock absorption properties, contributing to the development of cutting-edge robots.

We also participate in joint industry-government-academia research and international projects in these areas.

Robot hand

Robot hand glove for myoelectric prosthesis

Robot hand glove for myoelectric prosthetic hand using Crystal Gel has been certified for registration of complete parts as a care and welfare device. It is soft and stretchable so that even fine objects can be grasped.

Robot hand for myoelectric prosthetic hand


Our Crystal Gel is safe for the human body and has a high elongation of over 1,000% with minimal distortion. This material gently grips soft foods and irregularly shaped industrial products without scratching them.

Gel Gripper
Robot arm


Robot hand glove for care and industrial use

We have a proven track record in the production of coatings and gloves for nursing care and industrial robots. Our flexible materials reduce the load on motors and enable smooth movement. Even skin thickness, fingerprints, and hand wrinkles can be reproduced.

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