We provide three-dimensional artificial organs formed by
materials having elasticity closer to actual human organs

Materials evolve wisdom, wisdom evolves materials!

Medical Simulators

TANACTRAINING (skin, internal organs, blood vessels)

These are medical simulators that focus on texture. We have a variety of simulators that can be used for endoscopic surgery practice, including models for suture, ligation, puncture, and snaring.


We want to make it easy to use high-quality simulated bones. We want to make it easy to customize a simulated bone for a specific procedure. We want to create a simulated bone that is useful for medical device applications. This product was developed with these wishes in mind.

Medical Device Parts

We perform contract processing of medical device parts at the TANAC Technology Center, a dedicated medical plant with ISO 13485 certification, registered as a medical device manufacturer.


Our ultra-flexible gels and other materials have excellent elasticity, heat resistance, and shock absorption properties, contributing to the development of cutting-edge robots.


Our ultra-flexible gels and other materials have excellent elasticity, heat resistance, and shock absorption properties, contributing to the cutting-edge aerospace field.
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New Materials

CRYSTAL GEL is a proprietary material with transparency and high elongation. Available in non-adhesive and high-adhesive series, it conforms to biocompatibility testing based on ISO 10993.
TOUGHSiLON is a silicone rubber with greatly improved strength compared to ordinary silicone rubber. It can be molded and processed with ultra-low hardness. It has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, and electrical insulation properties.
MEDIPUR is an ultra-low hardness urethane processed product mainly for medical simulated organs. It is possible to produce surface conditions that greatly improve stickiness. Soft three-dimensional molding is also possible for non-medical applications.
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Manufacturing / OEM

We quickly propose which materials should be used and how they should be blended and processed to realize the customer's product image.

Processing Method

We adopt the most suitable method from various molding methods such as injection molding, extrusion molding, LIM molding, and press molding.

Evaluation / Analysis

Various measuring instruments such as Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer, microscope, image dimension measuring device, and viscoelasticity measuring device are installed.



We present examples of processing applications of our uniquely formulated flexible materials for various applications such as medical, healthcare/beauty, and general industrial use.
ISO 9001
ISO 13485


We introduce a variety of useful beauty products made from our super-flexible gel and other materials. You can also purchase them from our sales site.

Health Care

Our original gel materials are highly flexible, stretchable, shock absorbent, and safe for the human body, and are widely used in healthcare products that support body movement or are used in close contact with the body.
Beauty & Health Care products
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